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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Now that you inner stand Karma from the last sharing, we can expand upon this concept to realise it only affects our family and ancestors, but also affects other aspects of ourselves. Quantum Life or Past Life Karma is the memory of our Souls.

When we experience our consciousness from a multi-dimensional perspective we have our awareness streaming through our physical vessels, we perceive ourselves to be locked into a body.

However, our consciousness is much more expansive and is simultaneously over-lighting multiple soul incarnations simultaneously. Time is not linear as our physical vessel experiences it, it occurs simultaneously in multiple realities.

Your consciousness experiences all of this at the same time, and as your Higher Self is streaming its light to all your multiple incarnations. More of the light from the monad (group soul) diverted to the incarnation that is aligning more to Natural Law and the Divine Plan.

As other simultaneous incarnations move against Natural Law it creates Karma that ripples through your golden holographic records and out through all of your incarnations. Karma is the return path of the Effects set in motion by Causes created in other physically embodied lifestreams, that ripple into your incarnation in this vessel.

The same conscious that you are receiving other physical bodies are also receiving. These bodies are just as much you, as this body is. Therefore we can suffer the ripple effect of past choices and actions not in divine alignment with Natural Law.

It is important that you take responsibility for all these choices and the beauty of being a multi-dimensional being is that you can also clear these choices from other life steams while still in this physical embodiment and send out the broadcast to all your multiple lifestreams to enjoy.

Given that you have probably had multiple thousands and thousands of incarnations, meaning you have no doubt made a lot of past choices our of Divine Alignment with Natural Law.

Chances are there is much to clear so feel free to move through this clearing protocol time and again to keep shedding layers. Watch out for recurring patterns in your life, perhaps relationships, ceilings or capping you find yourself in.

Remember that nothing is a coincidence, everything is strategically placed in your life with divine precision due to Natural Law. Nothing escapes the karmic consequences of breaking Natural Law. This includes other incarnations your consciousness has experienced itself. Karma overrides free will, and Karmic relations will continue to manifest in your life until you learn the lesson and clear the Karma.

So explore so-called chance or bad luck from the Karmic perspective and you will be able to clear more in this lifetime than thousands of lifetimes previously due to the Aeon of time we are in. Energy is speeding up and we can use this increased vibratory rate to clear more Karma than ever before and help accelerate our liberation.

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