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Karmic Imprints

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Now you have moved through all the personal chakras and level of the bio-energy field and the array of energies that can later and clutter your bio-field. Let's now turn our attention to karmic imprints.

Energetically Karmic Imprints are twisted patterns in the nadi’s that prevent you from accreting all the light in your field and affecting your energetic system. Nadi’s are like energetic nerves that wrap around the spine and circulate the energy.

However these Nadi’s can become twisted upon themselves with a Karmic Knot. To inner-stand how this works lets use a fun analogy.

Think of yourself as, or GodSource consciousness, and you want to create a new universal system. You decide what this system is going to be imbued with, and you decide it is filled with Unconditional Love, Cooperation, law of One. Then your implement operation parameters, or laws that the system to stay balanced needs to operate with in.

So you decide what these operational parameters are, and you choose to install the law of Cause and Effect - Karma. While you choose many laws to implement we are going to dive deeper into this one.

You set up the universe so that for every action there must follow the effect of an appropriate reaction. You command that everything in the universe operates under this principle. This means if someone goes against Unconditional Love and Co-operation that in another time, experience the opposite side of the experience they created for someone.

In fact you set it up so that until they finish learning the spiritual lesson, the lesson will keep presenting itself.

Because you have set up one of the Laws as the Law of one and everything is unified and connected. You set up Karma so that those with the same genetics (families) can also suffer the Karma of those before them.

You then to make it interesting decide to give everyone free will choice to go against these laws, so that everyone can explore choice against free will choice and have the opportunity to experience going against these for learning.

So as Source you let souls decide in alignment of free will and operate with in these laws, OR can go against these Laws and choose Judgement instead of Unconditional Love, choose to be Separate and Unique instead of Unified and Connected.

When Souls choose to operate out of alignment of divine right order, it comes with a consequence. This is Cause and Effect - Karma. The souls must pay the bill for their choices out of Divine Alignment. Paying the bill means learning the lesson and moving into greater degrees of Unconditional Love and Selfless Service.

The more a soul lives and breathes Selfless Service and Unconditional Love, the more karma they ca pay back. Once all the Karma can be paid back, not only through your own choice in this lifetime, but choices your ancestors have made using they are connected through the web of life, and in past or quantum lifetimes where their souls were overnighting another physical embodiment.

You look back as Source consciousness, pleased and happy with the perfected matrix you created. Now you sit back and watch and wait as your grand experiment of these laws and free will merge into creating a collective reality.

This is the Universal Matrix in action.

So lets bring ourselves back to your present reality. And continue our discussion on the nature of Karma.

Once a choice conscious or unconscious in our human reality, out of Divine Alignment with the Universe Matrix Operating Parameters is made. This energy and information is stored on our Soul Records for all of time. It accumulates over all our human and galactic life times. It’s like our report card of how our Soul Evolution is progressing.

When we create Karma, our Soul collects this energy and in our human form It creates twisted energy patterns and fractures off soul energy and you have consequence directly proportional to your choice. This is stored as twisted patterns in Nadi’s (your spiritual nerves).

Each of us has incarnated many times, and we have all made choices not in alignment with divine right order, and this has been building KARMA. The energy is held in your Nadi’s and sends out an attractor field to attract into your reality the equal and opposite experiences until you learn the lessons and resolve the Karma.

If you keep playing in one life time creating Karma, you can operate for a quite a while, but eventually in this life time or perhaps another (because time outside of the third dimension is not linear and has simultaneously) the Karmic consequences of your choices out of Divine Right Alignment catch up with you, and you are caught with a Forced Awareness. So we have simultaneous life that is connected to our DNA template, that karma is affecting this life.

Another way of looking at karma is; decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, contracts, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes, held consciously or unconsciously that create, influence, or magnetize events and experience in current reality

These are held by us not only individually, but collectively through our genetic line since we are all connected by a golden web through genetics and soul family. Past choices by family members, sometimes even generations back can influence our own Karmic Destiny.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go in and clear, the energetic Karma held in our Nadi’s and DNA template so we can clear past from to only ourselves but also our family from choices previously made out of Divine Alignment, so that the past does not continue to affect the our future.

This is what this clearing is all about, through your own commitment to your Soul Growth by showing up for yourself, I had create one on one healing sessions and protocols with highly value. You have opened up the portal to be a conduit on behalf of your family constellation to access your family records and have clearings done on Karmic Patterns still held in the family constellation.

Usually due to the thousands of life times of incarnations spread across multiple generations of Souls, usually there is much to be done to resolve all Karma back to zero.

So you may want to do these various Karma clearings multiple times to keep clearing your soul records and move into being Karma neutral. Once you have cleared all Karma you are considered liberated (one of the highest achievements a human can go though).

This is a monumental achievement for a Soul, as it means you have cleared Karma all that way to Source. From every planet and experience your Soul has incarnated into.

When you become liberated all the magnetics in your heart and then organs flip, and you are no longer bound by the Samskara or reincarnation, and if you choose you are free to exit the entire Universal Matrix and reunite with Source having completed all the lessons needed for learning on your great universal journey from Source down to third dimension and back again.


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