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Healing takes Time, Courage and Oceans of Self Love

I am not meant to carry my old stories of darkness and trauma to the grave.

This is and opportunity to shed generations of ancestral trauma and ancient programming. Learning about your reactions and upsets are important part of this journey. Remember your first Mantra:

  1. I create my own REALITY and are the CAUSE of all my upsets and reactions.

On this journey together I am asking you to take personal responsibility for your upsets and reactions and to explore when these come up from a compassionate detached perspective and not to get caught up in the drama of the situation but to see it as an opportunity to grow.

When these defences happen you are defending against a wounding you have accumulated in your conditioning growing up. This is simply a blocked energy in your bio-energy and unconscious mind that can be cleared using the technics on my healing sessions that I am sharing with you.

Your role is to explore your imprinted programs and bring them to the clearings with your intention.

Don’t waste your precious time in self-judgement. Trust your heart. Your innocence has always been


All my Love,


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