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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Welcome to our continued journey and education into understanding our energetic anatomy and some physiological anatomy, and how frequency affects physiology and physiology affects frequency.

The first thing is that we have an appreciation of the Cosmic Spine. As we are born, there are actually 8 original cells that formulate just under the Perineum, which are our 8 Immortal Cells, which is the template from other cells that get created. And these 8 original cells also, energetically, sit in the Sacrum area are the 9 planets. These 9 planets, which Sananda has been sharing with many of us, are this kind of energetic connection where the frequency of the planets resides in the Coccyx.

Because remember, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. The exact energetic architecture of our entire planet, or our entire cosmology of our solar system and galactic and the whole Universe resides within us. We are a fractal.

And so, the whole Universe is based on these harmonic series, such as the 72, the 44, the 432. In fact, the 432 Hz is the frequency that repairs the DNA. And music actually used to be tuned at 432 Hz rather than what it’s tuned at today.

The 144 C tone in Hz is the perfect harmonic speed of light, which is 144,000 nautical miles or 144,000 minutes of arc per Earth grid second, and within the vacuum of space. And that’s actually the frequency of Genetic Liberation itself.

And so, the harmonics are like this mirror, of cascading frequencies of mirrors within mirrors, that everything can be looked into. The way that light travels in space is this 144-decimal harmonic of 144 to 144,000. And then all the frequency of the 8 original cells and the cells that make up the complete frequency of the ultimate realization of our spiritual path, of course, for all of us is Genetic Liberation which Sananda and Shekinah have already achieved and, myself, is still working towards that. And many of you as well, all of you no doubt, are working towards that.

Listening to the harmonic itself is not enough to create, you know, Liberation. We must transmute the whole physical body through this harmonic, and become one with this vibration. And you do this by connecting to the 8 original cells and pull this energy through into the 9 planets, which creates these multiples of spine frequencies and arcings which help to activate and uplift the spinal frequencies which come through the entire system.

So, there’s an entire gateway and network of energetic intelligence held with the Cosmic Spine itself, and the arcing of energy which can come through it. There are many different techniques which can be utilized to be able to enhance that ability to bring that frequency through.

So, that’s the Cosmic Spine which holds the frequencies of the ruling 9 planets, which provide their very own type of energy, which is how we are influenced by the planets going on in the astrological alignments which are happening around us, because we have these within us.

I will share in the next blog more about the Astrological snap shot of our births.

All my Love


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