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Clearing and Healing

  12 Sessions package  

The absolute key to changing your current timeline to a higher more impactful expression is to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. 


Hidden aspects of blockages in your consciousness can trap you from hitting the level you know you can reach. There way bio -energy field, consciousness and DNA operates and work together creates and shape your reality. 


You can shift your reality through tuning the right frequencies, sound tones, and light codes through your energy system to reprogram how your light body is vibrating and cultivating to attract a new higher reality in you life. 


I had packed these specific sessions together in a process for you , so you can keep raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness through the clearing and healing journey. 


These sessions are design to work at your own pace. Whether you want to work with in a time frame of three months ,  six months or in one year time. 


1.  Hara Healing - repair splits in Hara Line  


      - Activate meridians and circuitry system


2.  1st Energy Centre- Root chakra 


      - Cleanse imprinted programs relating to safety, survival, security, feel safe in uncertainty.


      - Restructure the first chakra, connects cords into Earth chakra get grounded and rooted. 


      - Release all poverty, victim and un- deservingness consciousness, realise all money malware programming (limiting                 beliefs regarding money)

      - Restructure the first level of bio-energy and the Etheric Body



3.  2nd Energy Centre - Sacral chakra 


      - Cleanse imprinted programs relating to relationship, sexuality, relationships with parents, siblings, parents, children.


      - Restructure the second chakra, remove all tangle cords of past relationships embedded into second chakra, and bring into         100%flow


      - Clear emotional body


      - Clear auric field of attachments, entities, discarnate demons


      - Clear highest priority addictions


      - Clear Victim - Victimizer programming 


      - Clear the second level of bio - energy field - Emotional Body



4.  3rd Energy Centre - Solar Plexus chakra


      - Clear imprinted programs relating to personal power, self-esteem, self-concept, need for approval, patriarchal imprinting


      - Restructure the third chakra and bring into 100% flow


      - Balance will and emotional centres and move into flow


      - Clear auric field of attachments, entities, discarnate demons


      - Restructure the third level of bio-energy field - Mental Body



5.  4th Energy Centre - Heart chakra


      - Cleanse imprinted programs relating to emotional needless, love is outside you, not worthy or deserving of love,                     codependence programs


      - Restructure 4th chakra, remove all tangle cords of past relationships embedded into 4th chakra, and bring into 100%



      - Expectation - Disappoint - Blame complex


      - Remove shielding and chest plates covering the heart


      - Activate 9 pairs of internal chakras inside the heart


      - Activate the High Heart chakra (8th chakra if is time)


      - Clear forth level of bio-energy field - Astral Body 


6.   5th Energy Centre - Through chakra


      - Clearing doubt oneself and create negative looping thought patterns around uncertainty, distrust and denial of one’s                      truth


      - Restructure 5th chakra, remove all tangle cords of and bring into 100% flow


      - Activate causal body, connect to spirit guides, initiate soul absorption and monadic integration for those that are ready


      - Spiritual surgery with healing guides


      - Restructure the fifth level of bio-energy field - Causal Body


7.   6th Energy Centre - Third Chakra


      - Cleanse imprinted programs relating to manifesting the vision, blockages to goals and dreams, false ceiling


      - Restructuring 6th chakra, remove all tangled cords of and bring into 100% flow


      - Brain balance between left and right hemispheres 


      - Angelic healing infusion


      - Clear six level of bio-energy field - Celestial Body



8.  7th  Energy Centre  -  Crown Chakra


      - Cleanse imprinted programs relating to connection to Source 


      - False God ideologies beliefs, Christ saviour model of redemption, armageddon software, false power energetics 


      - Remove any false light matrices


      - Restructure the seven level of bio-energy field - Spirit Body


9.   Karma Clearing - Ancestral Templates Clean Up 


      - Clean highest priority ancestral karma paternal line


      - Clean highest priority ancestral karma maternal line


10.   Karma Clearing  Quantum Life - Clean Up


      - Clean highest priority past/quantum life karma


11.   Soul Level Clearing 


      - Clean unnecessary soul contracts, healing, protection, soul mates


      - Clear negative unjustified karma


      - Source of consequences of all choices not in alignment with the soul mission


      - Soul level fears and imprints


      - Galactic life trauma and memories


      - Memory distortions



12.  Unnatural Seal Removal


      - Removing un-natural seals locking DNA


      - 7 J-seals


      - Crucifixion implants 


      - Templar Seals


      - Metatronic implants 


      - Zeta Selas


      - Alien / inorganic implants 


      - Crown of Thorns 


      - Tower of Babel seals

If you are interested in this comprehensive package send me an email to give you more specific details and logistics, to  create a unique time frame that will suit you and create a greater process into a greater path of Being. 

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